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Notary certification of translated documents

If you need a translation certified by a Notary Public, we will gladly provide you with such service. We closely cooperate with notaries of Samara and are ready to certify your translation based on the “one stop” principle: You will receive a translation done by a certified translator and sealed by the RF Notary Public.

Apostille or simplified form of legalization of the documents for foreign countries

If you plan to go abroad for permanent residence or for training, work, conclusion or dissolution of a marriage or for any other purpose, in most cases the officials of the foreign country will demand from you the certification of legitimacy of your documents (except for traveling passport). An Apostille (French — 'Apostille' stamp) is a stamp containing 10 items of information on the document which was issued in the Russian Federation, RSFSR or USSR. Its purpose is to certify the legitimacy of this document. Apostille is stamped by a single official on the territory of each subject of the RF and only in the capital city of such subject.

We conduct the simplified form of legalization of the documents as requested by our customers.

Certificate of clean record / Certificate of conviction of citizens of the RF on the territory of the RF

The records of this kind are required when a citizen of the RF travels for various reasons outside of the RF. A citizen of the RF receives such a certificate free of charge from the Main Department of Internal Affairs of a subject of the RF.

Should a citizen of the RF need to go abroad before the scheduled deadline, he/she can issue a power of attorney at the Notary Public of the RF to any person, who will apply to the officials of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of the subject of the RF with an application soliciting the issue of such certificate.

In most of the cases the relevant authorities of the foreign countries shall request this certificate with an Apostille and certified translation approved by the Notary Public.

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